About Us

Offshore Services is a leader in the supply of commercial vessels to support marine infrastructure projects around the Australian coast.

With a broad fleet and access to an even wider network of specialist vessels, we have both the hardware and the experienced personnel to tackle almost any project. Our capabilities have been built through years of working in some of the most demanding conditions imaginable, and our vessels have been specced to be versatile, efficient, and robust.

With vessels stationed at ports around Australia – some hard at work and others ready to be engaged on your next job – we are capable of mobilising quickly.

Our values

Most companies put out statements about quality, safety, etc. At Offshore Services, we live by them. We’re about:

  • Safety First – because it’s the right thing to do to look after your team, and because a safe team ensures there are no unnecessary stoppages for injuries or incidents. Safe practices allow for a win for everyone.
  • Authenticity – which means being honest to deal with, and realistic in our promises.
  • Dependability – which means you’ll always be able to trust you made the right decision.
  • Commitment – so the job gets done, in the way it should be done, when it should be done.

We’ve built our business on the strength of our adherence to these values. If you’d like to learn more about us and how we can bring the benefits of these values to your next project, please contact us here.

Our vessels

We have a wide selection of specialist vessels on fleet and within our network. To learn more about these, explore our Vessels page.

Your next project

When you’re ready to talk to an organisation that has the equipment, the capability, and the commitment to get the job done – get in touch with us here.