HSE Statement

Health & Safety

Being safe is no accident. That’s why we take health and safety seriously.

Offshore Services recognises the important of providing a workplace that puts people first. To this end, we are proactive about maintaining policies and procedures which meet regulatory standards – as a minimum – and foster a ‘Safety First’ mentality amongst our staff. We strive for an accident-free working environment, encouraging our staff and other stakeholders to provide feedback so we can constantly improve our work methods. Our vessels are also rigorously maintained to ensure safe operation.

Of course, we also understand the importance of safe work in the bigger picture of projects we’re working on; accidents mean work stoppages and project delays. We strive to maintain a work environment which prevents accidents and keeps your projects running smoothly.

We’re proud of our excellent track record. Hire us with confidence knowing we’re focused on health and safety.


We all need to play our part in protecting Australia’s incredible marine environment.

Offshore Services understands that the environment we operate in is fragile and needs to be treated accordingly. Our environmental policies are designed to honour the places where we work and ensure minimal impact. This includes regularly maintaining our vessels and using industry-leading work practices to minimise disturbances.

We’ll get the job done with as little environmental disturbance as possible because we take our responsibility seriously.