Secret Squirrel

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Zodiac Hurricane733/CZ7
History: As used by Military Special Forces as high speed assault boat around the world
Builder: Zodiac
Construction: RIB
Material: GRP
Max Speed: 47.5 knots
LOA: 8.04m
Beam: 2.74m
Range (@cruise/30.5 knots): 250NM
Engines: 2
Propellers/Rudders: 2
Steering: Hydraulic
Console: Roof and windshield
Bilge Pumping/Drainage: High capacity deck drains fitted with scupper trunks, electric bilge pump with automatic switch
Hoisting: Integral SS hoisting fittings (4 points)
Equipment: Below deck cable routing, 2 transom tie-down eyes, aluminium access hatches, fire extinguisher and stowage
Collar: 12VDC collar auto-inflation system, over pressure relief valves, 5 chambers